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June 2, 2003 at U.S.M.

Children attended the 10:00 a.m. picket with their parents. Pictured on the far right are Janince Bonk and her 15 year old daughter, Ashanti. Bette LaMay stands next to Ashanti. Not pictured are UMPSA's George Carhart, who works at USM, and his three year old daughter.

Our union in action!

ACSUM organized two pickets, held on June 2 at USM, to protest the results of almost a year of trying to negotiate a new contract with the University. Currently, four bargaining units representing 3,000 UMS employees are unsettled.

The first picket took place at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of USM's new bioscience building on Falmouth Street, with Governor John Baldacci giving the dedication speech. Chancellor Westphal and members of the BOT were also present.

About 50 picketers came out in support of equity and world-class wages and salaries. ACSUM represented employees were there. AFUM represented faculty were there including Cooperative Extension faculty. AFT representatives were there, also, as well as UMPSA represented professionals, MEA staff and leadership, Teamsters, USM students and alumni. Picketers came from cooperative extension, UM, UMF, and USM.

USM adminstration requested campus police presence. One administrator would not cross the picket line until the event was over.

After the ceremonies were over, Governor Baldacci came over and spoke briefly with MEA President Rob Walker, MEA Executive Director Mark Gray, and ACSUM President Loraine Lowell.

A second picket was held at the Woodbury Campus at noon, as the BOT gathered there for lunch. This line, made up of about two dozen picketers, included UMS employees represented by ACSUM, UMPSA, and Teamsters. Picketers represented UM, UMF and USM campuses, and were thrown out of the
building by USM Vice President Judy Ryan when they tried to enter. USM administrators also called for campus police presence at this picket!

UMPSA Vice President Jeff Dorman and ACSUM President Loraine Lowell spoke to the BOT during the public session. Ms. Lowell's comments can be found at

You can also go to and see how the MEA covered the event.

Pictured here from left to right are ACSUM member Chris Long, MEA President Rob Walker, AFUM President Ron Mosley and MEA UniServ Director Stew Kinley. MEA staff and leadership made a strong presence. Not pictured are MEA Executive Director Mark Gray, MEA Deputy Executive Director Jay Dwyer, and MEA UniServ Director Buddy Pinkham from the South Portland Office.

ACSUM and UMPSA represented employees stand in line, including Marie Plouffe who served as ACSUM contact person during the organizational phase of the work action. Picketers shown here include members from USM and UM, as well as a spouse. UM UMPSA President Tom Tripp and his wife stand in solidarity.

AFUM's statewide President Ron Mosely stood in solidarity. He also spoke with reporters and University administrators. AFUM worked closely with ACSUM organizing the picket.
CE educator Aileen Fortune from cooperative extension stood in solidarity with ACSUM, UMPSA and the Teamsters. CE faculty brought one of their colleagues, Don Woodworth (on the right), a recent retiree from the faculty of a PA college, who wanted to take action for "social justice."
Frank Wertheim, faculty from cooperative extension, worked closely with ACSUM organizing the picket.

Special thanks go to MEA Publicity Officer Keith Harvey for the photos that appear in this update.


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