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Associated COLT Staff of The University of Maine 

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Opportunity to Actively Participate in Improving Your Workplace, Your Wages & Your Benefits

Membership gives you the right to help shape our workplace conditions through the contract we negotiate with the University.  Only members can prioritize issues which need to be addressed by our negotiators, who have the support and resources of the MEA to back them up.  Because ACSUM members wanted a dental plan, ACSUM  negotiated one!

Your Paycheck

At the negotiating table, ACSUM is defending our wages and benefits from take-back efforts while seeking to improve what we take home in our paychecks.

Liability Insurance

$1,000,000 MEA liability insurance is FREE with membership & offers protection against the possibility of being sued by an angry student or parent.

Your Retirement

Until our last contract, the clerical, office, laboratory and technical (COLT) staff employed by the University did not have a fair retirement plan that was equitable with the plan of other employees at the University.  ACSUM must continue to work to protect our retirement plan.  Membership sends a clear message to our employer!


Members receive e-mail which keeps us abreast of ACSUM current events.  Members  receive the ACSUM ACCENT quarterly newsletter.  MEA & NEA publications, newsletters & reports keep us informed of events at the state & national levels.

MEA Service

When an ACSUM member is in trouble, the MEA is there to represent that member in court or before an arbitrator.  When ACSUM has a bargaining crisis, the MEA is there to offer its expertise in finding a successful resolution.

MEA Special Services

MEA special services include discounts on movie tickets, hotels, car & home insurance.  The money saved from using a few of these services can more than offset the cost of  our dues.  ACSUM-MEA membership doesn't cost, it pays!
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MEA Member Benefits

ACSUM works hard   to improve the work conditions, wages, and benefits for all COLT employees.  Please show your support for that hard work.

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